I Say No To That πŸ˜œ

Something I experienced the other day is nudging me to write about acting from inner reference.


Are you doing the things that you do because YOU want to do them or because someone or something in the outside world wants you to do it?

They don’t even have to say it you can simply be following unwritten rules and codes of behaviour.

What is expected.

What is accepted.

What is approved of.

Truth is,

YOUR energy,

YOUR time,

YOUR resources,

they are all YOURS.

YOU are the only one,


who has a say in how you apply them use them and share them.


That is your right,

your birthright,

your sovereignty.

YOU and only YOU get to decide what you do with your free time, what you do with your money and what you do with the abundance you have.

Our natural way is to share our abundance.

It just comes with having everything we want and more,

you just want to share it,

whatever it is.

But it can get tricky when we find ourselves faced with situations where we are EXPECTED to give,

just because we have what we have.

You have more time than me so you have to do this or that.

You have more money than me so you have to do this or that.

You are closer to it so you have to do this or that.

I was actually once asked (well it was not a real ask lol more of a command!) by someone to bring them something – because I was already standing!!!!! 


THEY had decided that I was the one who had to accommodate them for this very easy task lol.

Never mind they were physically closer to the object lol!

But of course this is not about the actual distance is it.

This is about really doing something because YOU CHOOSE to do it, 

or because YOU CHOOSE to do something someone else thinks you should do.

When it comes to billionairs for example a lot of people have a very strong opinion about how they should spend their money………

Were all these people there supporting them when they were building their fortune?


Whoever is expecting you to give while you are not willing to, is not a friend.

I had this experience myself as I mentioned earlier.

And when I stood up for what I felt was the right action to take, I didn’t make myself popular.

As I didn’t in the other two cases. Lol

One of which involved a senior management person (them) and a student (me) working together at an event.


Yes they asked me to bring them coffee because they thought I was their mother?

I don’t know!

But something in me told me: really?!

So I got them a coffee, with the sentence: ‘This is the first AND the last time I do this.’

They got the message lol.

As I was writing this I just remembered that they didn’t ask me to bring them a coffee, 

but to take their coffee milk cup and throw it in the bin, 

which they were closer to btw than myself lol.


The message is,

your time your energy your body belong to YOU.

Nobody else.

You get to decide to choose and say,

what you do with them,

no matter what others might think about it or how they feel about it.

It’s their opinion, view, perspective and life and they get to decide for themselves, just like you.

But every time we are not honouring what is true for us,

when our truth is in conflict with the demands and expectations of the outside world…..,

we betray ourselves.

And that is a road to………,


a place you don’t want to end up.

Living someone else’s life using YOUR resources,

is not what you were born for.

Pleasing someone and denying yourself,

is not what you were born for.

Putting someone else’s needs before yours,

is not what you were born for.

Honouring your truth, your heart, your essence and your Spirit,

automatically makes not only your life but the whole world,

including of the ones around you,

a better place.

πŸ’ŽNo good things come from obeying an outside authority while diregarding your OWN.πŸ’Ž

Lots of Love,




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