Choose Light Now :)

Well today I feel called to write about choice.

This is actually the second time that I type this sentence.


I typed it first and felt resistant,


come on, are we going to talk about this SIMPLE thing EVERYBODY knows by now how to do………,



I felt bored by the very stuff coming out of me so I deleted the sentence, lol,

and asked my higher self to come through with whatever it is it wanted to share through me today.


The same sentence came out.


Isn’t it funny how it works?

The most obvious stuff obviously has to be spoken and has to sound and expressed again.

Well, choice.

What is there to write about choice?

It’s pivotal.

And often unconscious.

We might think we are choosing one thing,

while our unconscious parts are sending out a very different message and story.


We can state stuff over and over again……,

and nothing.

That’s because we don’t choose deep enough,

don’t dive deep enough,

don’t FEEL deep enough.

Because it is scary.

Oooooohhhhhh those depths of soul that seem so dark and mysterious……..,

so mysterious that we don’t even dare to go there,

into the darkest rooms of us.

Dark it is because it hasn’t been lit.

Dark it is because it hasn’t received the spotlight……,

of our consciousness.

What we can’t see scares a lot, just because of the NOT KNOWING what the heck it is.

That is all!

I just remembered, when I was a child – I’m sure you experienced this too lol – I used to be soooooo soooooooo scared being in a dark room lol.

I would be so scared that I wouldnt even dare to move let alone turn on the light, lol.

But this very thing,

this turning on the light,

is the very thing that can and will put an end to the darkness………,

and you will see that there’s NOTHING,

just stuff,

that’s all.

The fear of the darkness, is always much more dramatic than the actual darkness lol.

Turn on the spotlight and all is clear.

So how does this tie in with choice……..?


we might not allow ourselves to choose…..,

and keep away from having to choose…….,

or from even wanting to choose…..,

because of these so called dark chambers that haven’t been lit inside ourselves.

There are so many energies old stuff that are tied with you making a choice for something new more expansive more free…………..,

that when these are not lit up and exposed fully………,

they can be that scary darkness I just talked about,

that keeps you from moving and from turning on the light……….,

the light of your consciousness.

You can turn on the light by asking yourself what it is that you haven’t been willing to see…….,

in this specific area or in general……..,

and let yourself be shown,

and let yourself see.

You will watch something that is just stuff.

It will not be scary at all.

The actual not seeing it, is scary………….,

but once you turn on the light……,

you will see the space,

and where and how you want to move NOW.

Lots of Love,



Want to write from your heart, without holding back…….?

I can help you with that!

Message me and we’ll talk!




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