Pure Consciousness = Y O U

Pure consciousness, that’s what you are.

Creator Consciousness, to be precise.

Yes that’s right.

You are.

Wherever your creator consciousness expands into, engages with – that’s your life………..

Sometimes pleasant sometimes not.

Sometimes looking like something you approve of / like, sometimes not.

Your creator consciousness doesn’t care about either, and it doesn’t judge.

It grows whatever it is you move your consciousness into………….

No judgment.

The more you engage with something through actions feelings thoughts,

the more you grow it in your life.

The more you interact with something the more you grow it in your life.

That’s what your pure consciousness, your creator consciousness does,

it creates more.

It can’t not create.

Actually there is not much more I have to say about that.

I want to write more explain more……,

SHARE more……,


The TRUTH is already here.

It has arrived.


I sign off.

And sign in……….,

into the next thing I would love to grow…….!


Wishing you to engage your creator consciousness with what you want to have and see more of in YOUR life.

Lots of Love,



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Message me!



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