Joy Celebration Enjoyment

Having asked myself why Portugal, 

I never really tuned in to know.

Simply because I haven’t valued as much, personally, knowing why.


I have always valued the actual experience of my Divine Nature in the physical more than gathering information about Divinity and Divine Essence and what it is about.

For me the direct experience of it has always come first.

Still I asked myself, why Portugal.

I bring Joy Celebration and Enjoyment that come directly from Divine Source.

I somehow was surprised that I ended up in a country with deep sadness suffering struggle survival and lack of freedom to be who you are, as the norm.

Surely the people are not READY for Joy lol.

But it seems that they are.

And funnily so I remembered – how far from Joy and Celebration and Enjoyment I myself was or seemed to be,

when the layers that covered my Divine Sparkle………….

…………were determining how I felt lived and what my life looked like.


It is thanks to the suffering that there was a breakthrough in my life.

When you go deep enough with struggle and pain there is only one outcome possible and that outcome is to RISE.

And so I did.

I rose and I connected so deeply with who I really am that I couldn’t possibly do anything else than celebrate enjoy and live my Divine Essence and the expression of it in the world.

Now, I can share with others how to uncover their own Diamond within from the mud that has been covering it up.

When you hold a dry cluster of mud in your hand there is no way of seeing with the naked eye the diamond that is inside.

But when you wash it all off the rock you will find the real content of the mud cluster that is in your hand.

And then you can let it shine, with Joy and Celebration.

Yesterday through synchronicity I was lead to information about Portugal and its true essence.

I was pleasantly surprised to find out that according to the Source Portugal has the qualities of Joy Celebration and Singing and Dancing in its Divine Blueprint.

How wonderful.

There is a reason why I am here after all – lol there always is)))))))! – and Portugal is more ready for Joy Celebration Freedom and Enjoyment of its Divine Essence than I had thought.


Lots of Love,


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