Have you always wanted to write a blog but never got round to it?

Maybe you started one and never wrote a single letter on it, or maybe just one or two?

Maybe you even managed to create a blog post, and maybe even two or three,

and then…….,

well, kinda forgot about it….?

Maybe you dread the idea of doing blog posts so much that you’ve stayed away from it,

and are committed to steering clear from it,

simply bc of fear and resistance?

(Well, not really committed, only kidding! 


At least I hope you are not, because if you are then what I am about to share won’t be interesting to you.

Or maybe it will let’s find out!


My Story🌷!

You see,

all of this sounds too painfully familiar to me,

because I’ve been there,

for many many many years.

Having this feeling, this nudge, this calling to create a space where I’d share what I had to share with the world……,

and 😶.

Haha, that’s saying no-thing.


And I created several blogs none of which I wrote much on.

Fear. Resistance. Tech stuff. Making too much a deal of it. 


all the possible reasons, to not actually do it.

Not to share what I had to share.

Not to do what I really wanted to do.

Not to shine my light.

Not to own my inspiration.

My journey.

My insights.

Whatever it is that YOU feel called to share…..,

it is seeking its way out.

If you feel called from within to do something for no reason,

to express what you have inside……,

you are doing yourself a disservice by keeping it all in.

Not moving forward with it.


through the writing,

you get clearer and clearer on your passion and your purpose,

you get clearer on what you want from your life,

you get clearer on why you are here and what you came to create,

you get to connect with people who feel drawn to your writings,

and you get to help others,

whether by offering insights, inspiration,

sharing beauty, 

or tips on how to make their lives easier and better.

No matter what it is you do,

you light up the world around you,

and you light up yourself.

Many benefits, huh….?!

This is why I am committed to writing a daily blog.

I have benefited from it as much as the ones reading it.


let’s face it,

I know too well what happens when we suppress or simply don’t answer the simple call.


Daily Blog Challenge Sees The Light🌟!

This is why I am happy to be offering you my brand new 10 day blog writing challenge.

You will be writing a daily blog and anchoring the practice of it.

It will give you freedom to express yourself and reach your audience.

People who are waiting for YOUR message.

People who want to hear from you.

People who will hugely benefit from reading your inspired writings.

Don’t let them down!


And don’t you let yourself down either by not stepping into what you feel called to do, whatever it is!

💎 What’s In It…..? 🙂

So, what is this 10 day course about?

Writing daily, and writing whatever it is that comes from within, and posting it in a blog post online.

Some parts of it:

-overcoming the fear of being seen,

-letting your art (yes, what you write from within, from your heart, that’s art) out,

-daily tuning in with a guided meditation,

-a training, plus q&a’s,

-email support from me for when you get stuck (just in case😉)

Do you want to let your juices flow and get more creative?

Do you want to have more fresh and inspired ideas?

Do you want to start sharing online?

Do you want to receive more clarity about your direction?

Do you want to feel more aligned and in flow?

Do you want to feel more expressed?

If you say yes to one or more of these questions,

then this program will do it for you.

Well, you’ll do it for yourself, really, ahahahahaha!

But this program and MOI will support you fully.

And So I want To Come On Board! 💃

I am so excited to be offering this to you!

So if you want to come on board,

come quick,

it is starting SOOOOOOOOOOOOOON!

Lots of Love,

and C U 🌟!



Feel like diving into this with more 1 on 1 support….?

Check this out!

PRIVATE COACHING to support you during AND after the challenge.

3 months – that’s about 90 days of weekly calls and message check-ins for your alignment, accountability and flow.

It’s gonna be amazing….!