You Are A Ferris Wheel! 😜

It is easy to be who you are when you let yourself XPRESS. Simply let yourself do things that arise via your consciousness in the form of inspiration……., and say do act on the very thing that’s occurring 2 U. Moment after moment. Time after time. Day by day. Hour by hour. Minute by minute. […]

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Hairy Business 😜

I feel called to write about something I haven’t shared for a while, since the last time about a year (or more) ago. I don’t know about you but for me shower time is the place to get my juices flowing. Every single time I stand under all that running water, ideas start to flow,  […]

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Let Your Song Find You

Today is the first day of the rest if your life. How cool is THAT? 2DAY you get to give form to your ‘future’ that is created right in this moment, as I am writing to you and as you are reading these sentences…….. Today, N O W, is determining what will happen 2morrow, what […]

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Take A Chance!

Universe wants you to know something. You are not alone. You have help. You have helpers. You have a lot of help. You have an army of angels and light beings helping you all the time. They’d love to get closer and they’d love to team up with you. They’d love for you to work […]

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Princification 💜

I am sharing something special 2day. It’s about Prince. An individual that has touched so many. That has risen to great heights as a self-made everything, as a young man with zero supervision, giving himself fully to music,  to love,  to art. It’s been over a year since Prince’s passing. Many things have been said […]

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LOVE and questions….

Do you know those Yogi Tea messages that come with the tea bags? I love one of these so much. It says: ‘Where there is LOVE, there is no question.’ And I love it because it’s true. Where there is LOVE, there is CLARITY. In the abscence of LOVE, which is impossible really because LOVE […]

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