Pure Consciousness = Y O U

Pure consciousness, that’s what you are. Creator Consciousness, to be precise. Yes that’s right. You are. Wherever your creator consciousness expands into, engages with – that’s your life……….. Sometimes pleasant sometimes not. Sometimes looking like something you approve of / like, sometimes not. Your creator consciousness doesn’t care about either, and it doesn’t judge. It […]

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Choose Light Now :)

Well today I feel called to write about choice. This is actually the second time that I type this sentence. Lol. I typed it first and felt resistant, like:  come on, are we going to talk about this SIMPLE thing EVERYBODY knows by now how to do………, boooooooring! Yawn. I felt bored by the very […]

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I Say No To That 😜

Something I experienced the other day is nudging me to write about acting from inner reference. 😳 Are you doing the things that you do because YOU want to do them or because someone or something in the outside world wants you to do it? They don’t even have to say it you can simply […]

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Creator Is With You :)

Sometimes we feel we can’t go on. Sometimes we feel it’s been taking too long. Sometimes we can feel we couldn’t bother. Sometimes we can feel that it doesn’t really matter what we do. Sometimes we can feel – what’s the point. Sometimes we can feel IT is not achievable not possible not attainable. I […]

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Create For You! 💜

Rise and shine it’s a new day! What are you creating for yourself 2day? Yes, for yourself. Not for the world, for a spouse, for xyz, because that is completely out of your jurisdiction lol, but 4 U. Are you letting yourself say yes to what you really want? Do you let your spirit come […]

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Getting Yourself Up

What happens when you find yourself on the floor……, knocked down by all the beliefs that you had been bombarded with……., that you can’t, and that you won’t…….? What to do amidst of fully complying with and buying into all the bs that you’ve been bombarded with so much that you simply gave in……., and […]

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Learn To Read The Ocean 🌟

Today I was shown something beautiful by Universe……..! I was walking by the Ocean and……. …….a man walked by wearing a T shirt that said: LEARN TO READ THE OCEAN. I love that, and as always it makes sense, perfect sense. You see the Ocean is always different and always the same……., just like the […]

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