Fulfillment Comes From Within

Some days all just flows. Somes days you need to give yourself a hand. To reconnect. To flow. To align. Daily alignment and I’d say several times a day even better, helps a lot. It creates a stronger bond connection if you will. Daily alignment and I’d say several times a day even better, is […]

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Depilating lol

Depilation. Lol. What a weird, seemingly weird, subject to come back to over and over again. Lol I guess there is so much attached to it. The need to be approved of. The desire to be accepted. Loved. Be found attractive. Not gross. Not disgusting. Not dirty. Not – you name it. You fill it […]

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Real Love v fast-food Love

Today I got to think about love relationships. Somehow the way the love relationship works for most people walking this earth has always boggled me. At times it made me sad. Looking at the way humans do ‘love’ or what is supposed to pass for love, often left me wondering……. …….so many things. But the […]

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As I am taking a shower, tuning into what I will write today on my blog, random thoughts arise in my consciousness. Random, such as self-pleasure. Lol. What did *you* have for breakfast? 😂 Myself,  apparently,  a shot of my creator consciousness. Lol. It just wants to say: How weird is it? No no no […]

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Just Dance

When you are dancing with someone, how do you DO IT? 🙂 Are you trying to make them dance in a certain way, to have the dance you think you are supposed to have….? Or, are you just dancing? Are you trying to control the whole dance…….., or are you just dancing? Are you trying […]

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Meeting Solar Needs

Nothing more sexy than a man who meets your needs by genuinely giving you the exact thing you need. Not what he thinks you need or might need or you think you need or might need. No. Simply what you need,  exactly that. Not staying there thinking deciding doubting contemplating, but taking action right away. […]

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