Eat It R I P E :)

Annona. A sweet delicious mouthwatering fruit. Pure delight. When you eat it RIPE……, it will treat you to its juiciness and amazing flavour. When you are in a hurry and eat it before it matures into the best it can be……., you will have MEH in your mouth. Lol. Or even blurgh! That’s for the […]

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When we express ourselves freely we are making it easier for ourselves to breathe to be to enjoy. Expressing is our OXIGEN.  It is.  When we express our essence our truth freely without trying to mold it or without trying to make it into something we want…………….,  we are actually letting ourselves BE WHO WE […]

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When I was a little girl my father used to make pomegranate juice for me – a freshly squeezed right before my eyes pure pomegranate juice. I remember it to this day: big strong hands squashing a hard shelled fruit. To this little girl this was something only her father could do, this was something […]

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Inner Guidance

What does it take to KNOW? Inner Guidance! 🙂 I am visiting Belem, close to Lisbon. I am visiting it for a particular reason. Not for the tower not for the horses at the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art, not for all the other things that Belem has to offer……., except……… ………..the famous Pastel de […]

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I was speaking with a man the other day who shared with me how he used to be very good at doing things intuitively. He made decisions in life that benefited him immensely. He took the ‘right’ turn at the ‘right’ time at the ‘right’ speed……, and all of it would land him in a […]

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Divine Intervention

We are so used to and so taught to chase after go after something…., to make it happen, so to speak. But when I think of the very best and most wonderful things that have come about in my life……, all of them happened by themselves…, without me going after them. To be honest I […]

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Take A Stand For You.

It is so easy to make excuses,  any type of excuses. So easy to let whatever it is that matters to you be overshadowed by what matters to the ego. The things that the ego demands to be done first……, before you can do what matters the most. It is easy to give way to […]

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