Sometimes we find ourselves in a place that has gotten too comfortable. Sometimes we get used to something that is not a good fit. Sometimes we forget. But life always reminds us……, when we ask for it. When we ask to be shown WHERE exactly there can be an expansion instead of contraction……, where exactly […]

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When we are not feeling that we are living on the edge of our comfort zone, we are too comfortable. Comfortable as in not welcoming change. Comfortable as in let’s have everything stay the way it is right now.m 😳 But truth is life is a constantly changing something, and all in our life is […]

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Take Care Of Your Stuff

It is so funny to watch, when someone is annoyed and irritated by everything you do or don’t do, of course because what you do or don’t do doesn’t really match what THEY want you to do or not do lol, and see them project it all on you without realising that the source of […]

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What if you just took a good look at yourself…….., and were OK with whatever you see? What if, when you’d see the things you are happy about, you’d be OK with them and it…..? What if, in the same way….., you’d be OK with seeing the things that you are not so happy about? […]

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Have you checked lately where you are holding on to things that are no longer serving……? Have you checked lately where you are not letting yourself let go……? Have you checked lately where you are staying in entanglement with stuff that is not serving you not complementing you and doesn’t have anything to do with […]

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New Kids On The Block!

I feel prompted to share today about the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK. Ha. Not those ones lol! I can’t even come up with a line right now lol but no not the dancing singing boys lol. 😂 Who ARE the NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK that I am talking about? These are the kids […]

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Honour BIG and SMALL 💖

I’ve just had my breakfast. 😃 I had some toast with cheese and with tuna, and a tea. As I was choosing the tea,  I was guided to another one than the one I wanted (or thought I wanted), and – of course lol – went with that. And as I was drinking the tea […]

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